Branding and Identity

The Borough of Xochimilco exudes traditional Mexican Culture while keeping close touch to its Aztec Naualt roots. The Name Xochimilco is a combination of the Nahuatl words Xochitl and Milli which means “where the flowers grow.” It is fair to say Xochimilco lives up to its name with its vibrantly colored ambi-ance and charming cultural liveliness. 


Xochimilco has a different identity than the historic center of Mexico and predominantly attracts tourists and city residents by their colorful Gondola – like boats called Trajineras. The Borough is identified by its traditional Mexican culture, scenic views, and vibrant Trajineras. A coheisive brand was needed to give a new perspective on tradition. 


The identity for Xochimilco required the combination of a clean fun color palette and a brand mark that represented its Aztec roots. The feel of the brand presents a modern refined take on the beautiful culture that surrounds Mexico.

Brand Identity

Brand Application