UX/UI, Design Research, Branding

Convo is an application that aims to streamline communication between deaf and hard of hearing individuals with hearing individuals through enhanced phone calls, text messages, and video chats.


Those who live with deafness and communicate non-verbally need a platform that optimizes the communication experience based on od re-occurring issues encountered during cellular communication. Recurring issues that happen when communicating through the phone can cause confusion between both parties and can be discouraging for deaf individuals.


Having family in the deaf community helped me understand the challenges deaf individuals encounter when communicating through the phone. I tackled issues brought up through personal experience and testimonies by people in the deaf community about their difficulties communicating with non-deaf people through the phone. I approached the problem by doing interviews and user testing throughout the entire process of creating the application. This product's end goal is to streamline communication between deaf and hearing individuals to develop a clear understanding of both parties' information through a system that caters to the deaf.

Research Process

Stakeholder Map

I created a Stakeholder map to have a better understanding of the different people that are in the deaf and hard of hearing community. The people presented on the map are those who are deaf or have deaf friends and family.

Empathy Map

The empathy map will help in understanding who the user is and what their needs are. The experiences represented in the empathy map will aid me in advocating for specific design needs.

Scenario Map

During my design process, the scenario map helped me identify pain points that would later inform my design decisions. The plan outlines a deaf individual's approach when communicating through the phone.

Feature Prioritization

Feature prioritization helped me choose what features are most important to add to the app based on user research and interviews. This chart helped me refine the details needed to make the application successful.

Paper Prototypes
and User Feedback

User testing on low-fidelity paper prototypes helped me identify the UI design issues before moving on to high fidelity prototypes. I improved the design based on peer feedback.



The brandmark's goal was to create a simple representation of a chat bubble paired with a bold modern typeface.


Color Palette

Design System

Final Design


The onboarding section of the application will explain the brand values and provide information about the key features of the app. The onboarding section will highlight the app's three main features which are VRS phone callsEnhanced Text Messaging, and Enhanced Video calls.

Enhanced Text Messaging

After the onboarding section, users will enter the messages tab. In this tab, users can access their contacts, recent chats, and features that optimize the communication experience for deaf individuals.

Enhanced Video Calling

Convo's unique video calling system is designed to create an optimized experience for the deaf user. The video tab features include messages sending while on video calls, speech to text transcribe, and a clarification alert button.

VRS Phone Calls

With Convo, users can contact hearing individuals through phone calls with video relay services and American Sign Language interpretors.