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Veg’table is a vegan and vegetarian food-finding app that strives to provide people who have dietary restrictions more selections when looking for a place to eat.

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Finding plant-based food options is not as easy as it sounds. Since eating plant-based is still not widespread, options for veggie food lovers can be limited. Vegans, Vegetarians, and plant-based lovers need a digital product that will make finding plant-based foods in their area more easily accessible.


Veg’table was designed for plant-based food lovers to easily find plant-based foods in their area. With Veg’table, users can explore vegan, vegetarian, and veggie-friendly restaurants all in one place.

Research Process 

Stakeholder Map

Scenario Map

Empathy Map

Feature Prioritization

User Flow

Paper Prototypes
and User Feedback

High Fidelity Wireframes 



Color Palette

Final Design


App Functions